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Mary Lou Dyker (248) 842-1195 mldyker@gmail.com

Additional Workshops

Additional Spring workshops are now forming in Traverse City and Metamora, Michigan. Special arrangements are available to provide these workshops in the convenience of your barn or training location. Please contact Mary Lou @ (248) 842-1195 for available dates and times, or to explore or schedule a workshop in your area.

2015 Workshop Schedule

Rider’s Workshop
March 28-29, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm each day
Barclay Physical Therapy
51517 Van Dyke, Shelby Township, Michigan

…with movement lessons that will examine:
  • Breathing throughout the entire torso, freeing the belly and deepening the seat
  • Learning how you load and unload the seat bones for increased freedom to re-balance yourself and your horse, and for weight transfers in the saddle
  • Softening and opening the hip joints, essential for all mounted movement
  • Differentiating movements of the pelvis and hips for independent use of the leg and trunk
  • Opening and bending the ribs to shorten or lengthen the trunk, for lateral work

Register by phone: 248-842-1195

Register online:



Riders who participate in Awareness Through Movement are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the benefits generated by their participation.

  • “I’ve been attending Feldenkrais for Riders classes once a week for about a year. As a result, my lower back issue has definitely improved without question! I ride my horse 5 days a week and the Feldenkrais classes have helped me to continue to do what I enjoy … I would encourage anyone to attend the classes.”

    - Joyce W.
  • Having a left total replacement for 23 years, my balance and flexibility (was) compromised…as I execute dressage movements to the left and sit my trot, leaving me frustrated with a very unhappy horse. Participating in Mary Lou Dyker’s Feldenkrais for Riders program and her use of gentle noninvasive instruction I’m able to redirect my thinking to release my hips, shoulders and rebalance, placing weight evenly in my irons for an easier sitting trot … and to weight my left iron resulting in one heck of a beautiful left half pass with a straight flying change and … a very happy forward horse!! If you have been struggling with your riding or everyday activity I strongly suggest the Feldenkrais program!”

    - Kathleen Marquardt USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
  • After several minor accidents, some horse related, my equine/human body worker recommended your class (Feldenkrais for Riders) as a way (to learn) to rebalance myself and keep from transferring … my compensation patterns to my young horse. I had difficulty isolating movement on the right side … and developed compensation patterns … in my riding … just to stay on a horse. Thank you again. Your class has changed me since I began early last summer. I can now feel both sides of my body … and I no longer feel compressed on the right side … This has been a wonderful experience, one I hope to continue … ”

    - Carol Wahl
  • My (equine) trainer said ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!’ ”

    - Kathleen Eberle